is the new travelling exhibition dedicated to Swiss watches presented by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH.

Original and designed to appeal to the general public, this exhibition surveys Swiss watches through seven basic topics.

The visitor is free to move around the different modules; he has an opportunity to immerse himself in the chosen theme and learn by discovering the world that is presented to him.

Seven big interactive totems illustrate the exhibition topics: Switzerland, Swiss made, history, design, precision, manufacture and complications.

The workbench is an interactive module in which the visitor can simulate the process of assembling a movement and so penetrate to the very heart of the watch and its mysteries. After passing through the different phases he is awarded a personalised watchmaking apprentice’s diploma.

The postcard is an immersion in the magnificent Swiss landscapes. The visitor is photographed in front of a landscape of his choice and takes this personalised postcard away with him to keep as a souvenir or send directly to friends.

Persons wishing to find out more can also visit the dedicated Internet site and so access more detailed information.