Zenith launches a mentoring programme

Catie Munnings

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are one of the main pillars of Zenith’s Horiz-On Corporate Social Responsibility programme, driving many of the brand’s commitments and actions.

Within it, the Dreamhers platform was created by the Manufacture to bring together independent and accomplished women to share their experiences and inspire others to fulfill their dreams. Now in its third year, Zenith Dreamhers is represented by women from all walks of life, who have pursued their passions to accomplish incredible feats in their respective fields.

Now, Zenith is taking the next step by introducing the Dreamhers Mentoring Programme. Offering a truly unique opportunity to receive guidance from three inspiring figures who have made their mark in wildly different fields, the Dreamhers Mentoring Programme will see three women determined to achieve specific goals spending time with three Zenith Dreamhers, who will take on the roles of mentors and even life coaches. Their journeys together will be shared with the world in the hopes of inspiring others to go out there and reach their stars.

Three applicants will be drawn to take part in this unique and enriching experience. Each of them will be able to spend one-on-one time with three Zenith Dreamhers, who will share their own experiences and guide participants: Tennis star Anett Kontaveit on staying focused and never giving up despite the obstacles; violin virtuoso Esther Abrami on how to stand out while remaining true to yourself and your values; and Extrem E race driver Catie Munnings on how to succeed in a male-dominated activity. Their complementary attributes and different philosophies towards attaining success will provide the Dreamhers Mentoring Programme participants with a holistic, interactive and educational experience.

March 30, 2023