Artime is born

Founded by a team of watchmaking experts in design, management, engineering, manufacturing and sales, each of whom is passionate about excellence in their field, Artime arises at the apex of the horological hierarchy. The brand’s very first creation is making its mark on the world of watchmaking art, both technically and visually. 

Sometimes, watch brands are defined by their history or by a flagship product, a narrative concept or an aesthetic. Artime was founded in 2021 in Les Brenets, between Le Locle and the Doubs River. The brand is six personalities, little or not known by the public and yet central to the Swiss watchmaking system. The warm relationships that connect them, fueled by mutual goodwill, their humor and the deep kindness that animates them, these are as much the foundation of Artime as the level of the highest watchmaking standards they set for themselves. Together, Fabrice Deschanel, Didier Bretin, Manuel Thomas, Claude Emmenegger, Emmanuel Jutier and Stéphane Maturel operate in the transparency of their respective roles, according to a principle of horizontal governance and with the shared will to express themselves at the height of their art.

Their inaugural model ART01 comprises an ethereal-seeming caliber in white gold, a tourbillon with a double balance spring and an ergonomic function selector, intimately embedded in a case where titanium and transparent sapphire commingle. An initial limited series of twenty ART01 watches in titanium lays out the brand’s principles for contemporary fine watchmaking in clear and ultra-modern terms.

March 30, 2023