Sensoriel Chronometry Project by De Bethune

De Bethune has unveiled the “Sensoriel Chronometry Project”, a unique programme that will enable customers acquiring a brand’s watch to be able to have it specially adjusted to their personal type of wear. 

Movements, positions, shocks, as well as also ambient temperature, hygrometry, atmospheric pressure... To start with, De Bethune is going to offer some of its customers a chance when purchasing their DB28GS Grand Bleu to first wear a test watch equipped with a multitude of sensors that will be able to record the wearer’s environment and specific behaviour.

Two weeks of tests will be enough to harvest all the necessary data enabling the De Bethune Chronometry Workshop to analyse the type of “wear” and thus adjust the timepiece specifically for its owner.

To achieve this, De Bethune has built a robot arm using state-of-the-art technology inside its Manufacture in L’Auberson. This device will receive all the data collected by the test watch’s sensors and thus be able to accurately recreate the wearer’s movements in their specific environment.

Through this project, De Bethune has chosen the path of truly unique adjustment based on wear that is not theoretical and dictated by a machine, but instead on the real-life conditions awaiting each of its watches.

December 01, 2022