Artisans de Genève imagines a unique workshop

Wednesday Artisans’ Playground is the latest project imagined by Artisans De Genève, a workshop created more than 15 years ago in Geneva.

With the desire to pass down their knowledge of know-how to the younger generations, they have imagined a unique workshop that will allow children to slip into the shoes of a watchmaker for an afternoon.

For Artisans de Genève, transmission is essential. All the watchmakers work exclusively towards personalising clients’ timepieces. This requires unique and rare expertise that means infusing them with their world, history and life to make each singular, almost like an extension of its wearer. Artisans de Genève uses ancestral or the most avant-garde know-how to achieve this through a range of crafts and techniques that they are committed to perpetuating and protecting.

For Artisans de Genève, this naturally involves the new generation. To introduce them to watchmaking expertise and make them aware of its importance, the company as created the “Wednesday Artisans’ Playground”, an initiation programme for children between 9 and 13. It provides an immersion in their workshop in Geneva for future generations to discover the array of traditional skills.

In the course of these Wednesday afternoons, budding watchmakers will discover the fundamentals of watchmaking, both in theory and in practice. They will also be able to give free rein to their imagination by creating their own personalisation, with the help of a pencil and sketches. Under the experienced eye of an artisan, they will try their hand at bevelling and polishing. Then they will slip into a watchmaker’s shoes and learn how to adjust each component, including the famous balance.

This unique moment of sharing will conclude with the presentation of a diploma bearing their name and perhaps the desire to pass on the story of the Artisans De Genève watchmaking workshop. These introductory afternoons are free and require prior registration:

November 17, 2022