Mecascape, Code41's new creation

Named “Sublimation 1”, it is a new mechanical watch object that transcends the usual dimensions and reveals a new architectural vision of time, space, volume and light.

Contrary to what one might assume, the Mecascape is neither the enlargement of a watch, nor the flattening of a clock. It is first and foremost a space that opens up a new form of creative freedom in watchmaking.

This mechanical object named Mecascape, the contraction of “mechanical” and “landscape”, is about balance and harmony between the elements. It is a different way of working and apprehending the object – because it is appreciated in a more instinctive way, as a whole, with a completely visible mechanism, placed on a flat surface.

Its myriad different shapes – hemispherical, concave, spherical – and the sequence of satin-brushed and polished finishes allow a continuous play between light and shadow. The uniqueness of the whole lies in the fact that Code41 has achieved exactly the opposite of what is usually practiced in the world of watches and watchmaking in general: the brand has, through the multitude of components, sought to bring out the spatial volumes whilst stretching and refining the object as a whole.

Conceived and designed according to the mathematical language of the Golden Ratio 1.618 and the Fibonacci sequence, this first Meca-scape is visually naturally balanced, harmonious, sleek, contemporary, at once aesthetically pleasing and geometrical thanks to the harmony and natural beauty of its proportions.

Featuring an architecture that is striking for its graphic strength and originality, its components, shape, movement and exterior resonate with each other in a spirit of great apparent simplicity. At just 8mm thick, this slim mechanical object can be easily slipped into a jacket pocket, so that it can be kept with you.

Its horizontal shape allows it to be placed on a piece of furniture or a desk, thus offering the possibility of contemplating it and appreciating time in a different way.

While the complex mechanical magic – with the balance, barrel, escapement and all the gears – is very clearly visible, reading the time remains extremely clear.

The main hours counter, minutes counter, seconds counter, second time zone with the representation of a world map in the heart of the GMT disc to enrich its design along with a power-reserve indicator all combine to ensure visual balance and optimum legibility. Two small knurled crowns on each side, subtly integrated into the profile, allow the time to be set and the Mecascape to be wound mechanically in a simple and pleasant gesture, with a small push button on the side for setting the date.

While the entire “landscape” of the Mecascape is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, its solid grade 5 titanium case back protects it from possible twisting of the case middle and ensures a solid structure, suitable for everyday life. With a small opening – like a porthole – also in sapphire crystal, which also enables one to admire part of the plate and some of the movement’s gears, the solid back enables the Mecascape to be placed vertically on a piece of furniture or a desk, thanks to its metal support provided for this purpose.

September 29, 2022