Innovative qmtvline fixture

At EPHJ 2022, qmt unveiled its innovative qmtvline fixture, which enables the placement of the component and its observation without any adjustment, thus facilitating faster measurement compared with standard apparatus.

This innovation has notably earned it a nomination for the EPHJ 2022 Exhibitors’ Grand Prix.

Optical inspection of multi-diameter rotating parts is a challenge with a standard vertical optical axis device because it is difficult to guarantee the perpendicularity of the part to the observation axis. The qmtvline positioning system allows the component to be positioned and observed without any adjustment or alignment, thanks to an optical system of angle transmission and a glass “V”. This eliminates the need for precise positioning of the workpiece along its axis of rotation. This patented technical solution enables very fast measurement (five to ten times faster than traditional positioning) with high accuracy and no impact on the operator’s capability.

The first version of the qmtvline was developed specifically for microcomponents, enabling the measurement of parts up to 8.5x7mm in size with sub-micron accuracy.

August 11, 2022