Time to Race limited serie by Louis Moinet

The Neuchâtel-based company is offering a set of unique timepieces, Time to Race, propelling it into the world of gentleman drivers. These models also embody the beauty of sport, the unique spirit of a merging between man and machine. 

Louis Moinet offers each collector the opportunity to personalise his or her model by selecting his or her one- or two-digit “Lucky number” which will appear on the front of the watch, as well as a colour code: Rosso Corsa, Green Racing or Bleu de France.

No two watches will thus be alike. These colours have been specifically selected because they embody the most legendary cars in motorsports. To ensure clearer vehicle identification, national colours were assigned in motor racing until the end of the 1960s. This enduring tradition remains embedded in the collective imagination, and a red car brings to mind Italy, a green one England and a blue one France.

The dial side of this timepiece reveals the splendid chronograph mechanism, fully visible and highlighted in a whole new way, with the strongly domed crystal revealing it even more fully.

Its glareproofed sapphire crystal features an imposing curvature serving to enable uncompromising appreciation of the column-wheel mechanism. This ingenious and original design has given rise to a new type of inner bezel ring, dissociated from the crystal. It also makes it possible to combine two different readings of short-time measurements: a tachymeter scale and a 60-second display.

The creation of this bi-material inner bezel ring is complex and owes its brilliance to the intensity of the colour present in its first quarter, made from an avant-garde material. Its bold character is further emphasised by a luminous transfer of the measurement indications designed to enable readability in the dark.

Finally, the inner bezel ring frames a woven carbon fibre mainplate highlighting the components of the chronograph mechanism. It also provides the reading contrast that is so useful during chronograph operations, indicated by the large coloured hand and one of the two smoke-coloured counters.

The hours and minutes are read off a subdial at 6 o’clock. This central design element bears the wearer’s “Lucky Number”, painted in black on a white background with a glossy polished finish, and surrounded by a metal ring reminiscent of the bores used in racing cars.

Its case weighs only 18 grams, cut from grade 5 titanium, then polished and satin-brushed. It evokes the quest for minimum weight that means more comfort and a more seamless fit on the wrist, further enhanced by a strap specially designed to be a perfect extension of the case.

The chronograph offers the most interaction with its wearer. Time to Race dramatically increases this pleasure, as it is 100% visual. All it takes is one smooth press on the single pusher to make a unique choreography unfolds before your eyes. The various elements – levers, clutch, hammers, column wheel, springs and wheels – are set into motion and interact with the ultimate goal of activating the chronograph and measuring time.

The modern and spectacular design of Time to Race requires the production of 147 components for the upper part dedicated to the chronograph and 164 components for the lower part corresponding to the self-winding movement.



June 23, 2022