"Renaissance d'une montre" by Greubel Forsey

The company from La Chaux-de-Fonds presents the new “Renaissance d’une montre” (Rebirth of a watch) programme, enabling owners of certain timepieces to request modifications to the movement or the exterior of their watch in order to add complications or give it a different aesthetic.

This innovative programme, a first in the history of Haute Horlogerie, will be fully operational from January 2023, once the different possibilities offered by each movement have been analysed and homologated. Greubel Forsey is already unveiling some of them: the Balancier Contemporain could be equipped with a second time zone, an inclined escapement, or even with a tourbillon instead of a balance wheel. The GMT, which already displays local time, a second time zone and universal time by its globe and cities disk, could be equipped with a further time zone display coaxial to the hours and minutes hands. The Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision could be equipped with a Small Seconds disc at 4 o’clock, a large date display, a moon-phase, or a modification of its power reserve in favour of the three-dimensional approach of the Double Tourbillon 30° Technique.

Greubel Forsey being a fully integrated Manufacture, the field of possibilities is wide open. The “Renaissance d’une Montre” programme will also extend to exterior elements, such as the material of the case, strap, crown or the colour of the hands. De facto, each piece reworked in this way will become a very intimate and personal creation.

This programme is the concrete expression of a vision, a long-term strategy. Greubel Forsey’s ambition is not only to rethink Haute Horlogerie in terms of savoir faire (expertise) but also in terms of “savoir-être”. The “Renaissance d’une montre” programme is a response to questions such as how to prolong the history of a watch and how to bring more value to customers’ collections.

December 02, 2021