Revue FH

The Revue FH is the informative watch industry magazine published fortnightly by our Federation. It contains numerous articles on the work and activities of the FH, up-to-the-minute news about brands and new products, as well as a wide variety of subjects linked to the watch industry. All articles are published in French and English.

In the 16/2018 edition of 18.10.2018:

Dubois Dépraz settles into a fourth production site

Alongside its two buildings in Le Lieu and a third in Arch (Canton Bern), the specialist of additional mechanisms has just finished moving into a new production facility at Les Charbonnières, in the Vallée de Joux.

MB&F Horological Machine N°9 "Flow"

Streamlined like a jet engine, the HM9 is a geometrically complex combination of sapphire crystal and titanium. Initially deemed impossible to make, this timepiece nonetheless took shape due to the tenacity of its designers and the expertise of the artisans who contributed to its creation.

Gaïa Prize: 2018 laureates and new features

The 2018 edition of the Gaïa Prize pays tribute to three watch industry talents and once again testifies to its international significance. In addition, the MIH is innovating by instating “Horizon Gaïa”, a scholarship designed to support the up-and-coming generation active in one of the three separate prize categories.