Ronda introduces a solar-powered chronograph movement

The Swiss motor manufacturer has launched a new collection of quartz chronograph movements powered by solar energy. Thanks to rechargeable batteries and cells that capture sunlight or indoor light, the calibres Solartech Series 2000 eliminate the problems and expense of replacing batteries. As well as delivering reliable and accurate performance, even without regular exposure to light, these movements significantly reduce waste.

The Solartech Series 2000 Chronographs also feature Ronda’s innovative QuickStart Function technology, which ensures that in the event, that the battery’s power reserve is discharged, the movements will spring into life again after just one minute of exposure to sunlight. Assuming sunny conditions, the battery will have enough power to run for a day after three minutes’ exposure to sunlight and will reach its full five-month capacity in 10 hours.

Solartech Series 2000 Chronograph calibres have been designed to minimise disruption to design and production schedules of watch manufacturers. They are fully compatible with Ronda’s most trusted 5030.D and 5040.D chronographs, which means they can be adapted to existing models, saving on design time and reducing time to market.

The innovative mono-solar cell technology adds further flexibility, giving designers the freedom to choose dial layouts and materials.

Ultimate battery protection: technology for a longer life One of the many benefits of the Solartech Series 2000 of solar-powered chronograph movements is in the advanced technology developed to protect the battery from overcharging. Additional developments prevent deep discharge and sudden drops in performance. Together, these advances ensure reliability, accuracy and a long service life of the movement.

The Solartech Series 2000 Chronograph calibres are all engineered, produced and assembled by Ronda and carry the Swiss made quality stamp. Each movement is passed through the ISO 9001 quality control system, ensuring the most rigorous quality standards.

June 13, 2024