TAOS combines artistic crafts and watchmaking

For the first time in watch industry history, a company specialising in the creation of dials has taken part in the birth of a new watchmaking Maison, TAOS. Olivier Vaucher’s workshop in Geneva is a benchmark in the field of artistic crafts, in partnership with client brands.

Its broad repertoire encompasses techniques such as Grand Feu enamelling, engraving, miniature painting, mosaics and gemsetting. Working ceaselessly behind the scenes, the artisans create the rarest and most sought-after pieces.

TAOS is the brainchild of Olivier and Dominique Vaucher on the one hand and Olivier Gaud on the other. With 46 years of experience leading the atelier that bears his name, Olivier Vaucher had long harboured the vision and dream of creating a watch brand that utilises the full scope of his workshop’s savoir-faire and resources. Olivier and Dominique’s encounter with Olivier Gaud, coupled with their shared passion for exceptional watchmaking, ignited the spark that brought TAOS to life.

The outcome of their reflections, dedication and artistry is manifested in one-of-a-kid creations named Ondes, Floréal, Euphorie, Kaléidoscope, Broderies, Envol Bleu and Envol Rouge… seven timepieces not only showcase incredible craftsmanship but also affirm that artistic crafts are still very much alive.

Each timepiece produced by TAOS houses the same movement. Under the supervision of Olivier Gaud, the Swiss movement manufacturer Télôs, at TAOS’s express request, created the exclusive self-winding calibre VOP318. Among its many virtues, a comfortable power reserve of around 72 hours. Its initial specification had a truly unconventional constraint: the surface of its bridges must provide the canvas for the most elaborate engraving imaginable.

Thicknesses, shapes, cut-outs – every aspect was designed with the engraver’s chisel in mind as it travels across the few millimetres composing its working horizon. As a result, the inside of each watch offers a spectacle on a par with what can be seen on the dial side.

Delivered in their raw form, the movement’s components are individually engraved, chamfered and satin-finished by hand at Atelier Olivier Vaucher – the foundations of a network of rosettes and motifs inspired by the movement’s inner workings. The oscillating weight operates beneath the case back, and its visible part – the arms – are beveled and satin-finished by hand in the watchmaking tradition.

Engraving a single complete calibre takes between 80 and 100 hours of meticulous work by a single craftsperson, who is responsible for their piece from receipt to delivery of the fully finished movement. Each is then fitted in a 38mm gold case made of 18K white gold or 5N red gold – and in some instances set with diamonds depending on the theme of each dial.

May 30, 2024