MPS reveals the Super-Myrox watchmaking bearing

On 25 April this year, MPS Watch – which develops and manufactures ingenious miniature ball bearings – unveiled its new Super-Myrox watchmaking bearing during an event held at its parent company in Biel/Bienne. Twenty years after the invention of the X-Myrox, the first maintenance-free, non-lubricated watchmaking ball bearing, the company announced a new development for its flagship product.

The ingenious Super-Myrox, an ultra-high-performance watchmaking ball bearing, surpasses the recognised qualities of the X-Myrox thanks to a non-magnetic material, extremely high shock resistance and contained noise. This feat is made possible by an exclusive combination of ceramic balls and cobalt-containing superalloy rings.

MPS has thus developed a bearing that retains the maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant, reliable and high-performance characteristics that have made X-Myrox such a success, while offering improved non-magnetism, shock resistance, wear resistance and long-term noise comfort.

This new ball bearing is protected by three families of patents. It looks set to become a component of choice in the production of top-of-the-range mechanical watches.

May 16, 2024