Krayon reinterprets Van Gogh’s "The Starry Night"

The watchmaking house unveils a one-of-a-kind timepiece, specially crafted for motorsport legend Jean Todt. Fashioned from a single block of platinum, the model Anywhere reimagines the Van Gogh’s famous painting, "The Starry Night".

Just as Van Gogh, driven by his passion for astronomy, would meticulously study the night sky to capture its mesmerising beauty and complexity, Krayon has crafted this watch with a deep commitment to both aesthetics and the celestial dance. Each tiny dab of paint on the dial, each component of the mechanism, has been orchestrated with the precision of a master jeweller. This watch tracks the cycles of time with an elegance that mirrors the celestial ballet of the sun’s rising and setting, showcased through Krayon’s distinctive complication.

To create the dial, first a multitude of tiny recesses are carved into the metal plate. Into these, a Swiss enamellist carefully deposits dabs of each colour, in the form of lacquer, by hand – layer by layer, until the desired shades emerge, achieving an incredibly delicate effect. This melding of fine watchmaking with an age-old artistic craft creates a unique harmony where time appears to be suspended in the eternal beauty of "The Starry Night", offering a unique sensory experience.

Anywhere is equipped with manually-wound Calibre C030, designed, developed and fully assembled in Neuchâtel by the watchmaking brand. This model displays hours and minutes with two hands, set against a backdrop that creates an illusion of suspension within the watch’s core. Surrounding this, a broad peripheral ring is divided into daytime (sky blue) and nighttime (dark blue) sectors. The two segments shift in lengths to mirror the real-time sunrise and sunset times as read against the flange. As days change, so do their length and colour, altering the watch’s face.

May 08, 2024