Swatch continues its journey through museums

The Biel/Bienne-based company continues to present artworks through its timepieces. It has recently teamed up with the famous Tate galleries to bring art to an ever-wider audience. An ideal partner, Tate Modern presents collections that transcend time and artistic genres, while its unique Tate Modern Lates programme invites the public to participate in the life of the museum.

As the Swatch Art Journey 2024 unfolds, the company will unveil a new series of masterpieces to slip onto the wrist. The Swatch X Tate Gallery collection features seven models paying tribute to unique works and iconic artists: Turner, Chagall, Miro, Léger, Matisse, Barns-Graham and Bourgeois. By creating these wristworn works of art, Swatch offers the possibility of revealing oneself, much like the artists who express themselves through their works.

May 02, 2024