Patek Philippe showcases the fine artistic crafts

From April 13 to 27 2024, the watchmaking house presented its largest “Rare Handcrafts 2024” exhibition to the public in the hearth of its historic building on the rue du Rhône in Geneva. To perpetuate all the fine artistic crafts associated with the decoration of timepieces for almost five centuries, Patek Philippe unveiled a new collection of one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces showcasing these precious skills.

True to its “tradition of innovation” the manufacture also aims at enabling these exceptional techniques to progress, by constantly pushing back the boundaries of what is possible while drawing on ever-more diverse sources of inspiration – as evidenced by the rich creativity of the themes.

The “Rare Handcrafts 2024” collection, composed of 82 pieces in total, comprising 27 dome clocks and small dome clocks, 3 table clocks, 9 pocket watches and 43 wristwatches, once again shines the spotlight on a vast body of know-how, spanning both ancestral skills (Grand Feu cloisonné enamel, miniature painting on enamel, grisaille enamel, flinqué enamel, paillonné enamel, champlevé enamel, hand-engraving, hand-executed guilloché work, and gemsetting) and techniques that are relatively new to horology, such as micro wood marquetry and Longwy enamel on faience. The pieces, with their increasingly original and astonishing decorations – showned to advantage in an elegant setting divided into three areas.

This exhibition will then be presented from 7 to 16 June 2024 at the Patek Philippe Salons in Bond Street, London.

April 18, 2024