The Renaud Tixier brand is born

As two exceptional watchmakers, Dominique Renaud and Julien Tixier, combine their expertise and passion to create a laboratory dedicated to horological study and fundamental research. Different in so many ways, they share a deep connection and so it is as surprising as it is inevitable that their paths should converge: Renaud Tixier is born. More than just a brand, it represents a development programme dedicated to reexamining certain fundamentals of mechanical watchmaking.

On their agenda are seven fundamental watchmaking principles they aim to revisit. To start with, there is the central issue of energy. Here, Renaud Tixier will first be focusing on the micro-rotor. Small, elegant and allowing for a better visual appreciation of the movement’s architecture and artistry, this assembly is all too rarely the subject of studies or new developments – despite its potential for enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Their ambition is nothing less than a complete rethinking of the micro-rotor, optimising its balance of technical prowess, ergonomic design and finesse.

The inaugural masterpiece from Renaud Tixier, christened “Monday”, is a testament to this vision. The 40.8mm rose gold case houses a calibre centred around a novel micro-rotor re-envisioned to maximise winding efficiency – a pioneering innovation, devised by Dominique Renaud and crafted by Julien Tixier.

The timepiece involves a completely new calibre that has been designed, developed and created around the “dancer” micro-rotor. Here, mechanics are at the heart of the design, with the focal point on energy generation – from the micro-rotor to the barrel and from the barrel to the balance wheel. The dial face captures the essence, in a classic, understated display intended to highlight the timepiece’s inventiveness and make its reading as clear as possible. At 9 o’clock, the dial reveals the micro-rotor’s hidden face, while the small seconds counter appears at 4 o’clock.

April 11, 2024