The Slim d’Hermès celebrates the 4 seasons

Adorned with paillonné enamel, engraving, miniature painting and sculpture, four new versions of the Slim d’Hermès have been added to the collection. These meticulously crafted models interpret the cycle of the seasons and deliver a whimsical vision of time.

Crafted by experienced artisans, Slim d’Hermès Le Sacre des saisons highlights a palette of skills that are as demanding as they are remarkable. Each embodying a season, four animal figures – drawn from a Hermès silk scarf designed by artist Pierre Marie – acquire a new artistic dimension on the dial in a profusion of nuances and captivating details.

A sun-haloed lion (Summer), an eagle with unfurled leafy wings (Autumn), an ice-crowned wolf (Winter) and a horse with a flower-strewn mantle (Spring): each of these animals symbolises a season and embodies the narrative universe and baroque fantasy of the French designer. The beauty of Nature and the depth of time are reflected in the richness of the motifs, inspired by the costumes of 17th and 20th century French and Russian ballets. Appearing on a refined dial elegantly framed by an elegant gold case, this mischievous bestiary reveals unique and precious skills. Each model is issued in a 12-piece limited edition.

April 04, 2024