Baume & Mercier honours Pierre Soulage

The Maison has unveiled a second one-of-a-kind watch inspired by one of the Outrenoir works by Pierre Soulages, who died on 26 October 2022. Representing the culmination of an encounter with the painter and the eponymous museum, this new creation beautifully and powerfully embodies the powerful legacy left by the artist.

The “Hampton Polyptique Edition – Musée Soulages 10th Anniversary” watch is inspired by a painting entitled Peinture 324 x 362 cm, 1986, Polyptych I Edition. This large-scale work belongs to the Musée Soulages, which is celebrating its first decade this year.

From the exploration of the colour black to the transposition of light effects, the challenge was one of great technical and aesthetic complexity, involving innovative 3D printing technology. The teams devoted particular attention to showcasing the contrasts of light effects on the watch components. The use of laser-cut brass and Levant stone created a soft matt appearance, while electrolysis served to plate the dial with a 0.2 micron-thin layer of colour. A 10-micron coat of semi-matt protective lacquer was also applied. These materials and processes liberate volumes, sculpt textures and showcase alternating light-and-shade effects.

March 21, 2024