TAG Heuer conquers the oceans

Made in various series from the original version of 1968 to the final full production model of 1983, the Skipper was once a familiar sight on the wrists of professional and amateur sailors alike – and now, exactly 40 years after it disappeared from the TAG Heuer catalogue, the beloved Skipper is back.

Although later versions used the Autavia case, the very first examples (of which only around 300 were made) were based on the celebrated Carrera chronograph. In keeping with that important aspect of TAG Heuer’s sailing heritage, the new generation Skipper is derived from the recently launched “glassbox” Carrera. Due to its lack of bezel, the way the glassbox extends to the very edge of the case, the ingenious “curved flange” dial and the perfectly placed chronograph counters, the Carrera Skipper is superbly legible in all conditions. Such a high degree of readability is especially important when a boat is bobbing on the water during the crucial regatta “pre-start” period before the gun is fired to signal the off.

September 07, 2023