The MoonSwatch inspires Saype

Swatch has commissioned renowned contemporary land artist Saype to create two artworks inspired by the MoonSwatch collection.

Fueled by Swatch’s foundational belief that art and artists make the world a better place, this latest collaboration opens a new chapter as the first art project inspired by the MoonSwatch universe. Swatch is proud to embark on its first land art project alongside such an innovative and disruptive artist.

The collaboration with the artist, a pioneer of a new land art movement, has resulted in two ephemeral artworks featuring children having a sense of wonder and curiosity towards the mysteries of the universe and dreaming of space travel and the sky, with Kenya’s breathtaking landscapes as their canvases. The image of the little girl measures 120 metres wide and 60 metres tall (7,200 square metres total), while the little boy is 50 metres wide and 120 metres tall (6,000 square metres total).

When observed from above, the images are facing each other, as if they were connected. The boy featured in the artwork His Bright Dream is innocent in his demeanor, a dreamer at heart. The girl portrayed in Her Bold Dream however, is more conscious of the universe around her.

To create his unique installations, Saype uses a 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly paint that he developed, which allows him to create gigantic frescoes of huge proportions directly on the ground. Saype and his 10-person team including Kenyan locals, worked with 600 kg of pigments and tools brought from Europe to create the paintings.

Unseasonal weather added an element of unpredictability to the project, which Saype greeted with optimism and adaptability. A two-day drive from Nairobi, the site is so remote that there is no cell phone service. Due to inclement weather, he was not able to scout his location ahead of time. Ultimately, he settled on one that would provide suitable scope for the size of his images. The production process was also impacted: as soon as the artist had finished his work, unseasonal rain moved in over the area and washed away the frescoes. Yet this setback only contributed to the richness of the project, as Saype re-painted his artworks with pleasure, seeing it as a further opportunity to exercise his craft.

June 08, 2023