Holy Cow by Claude Meylan

Drawing inspiration from the landscapes surrounding him, Claude Meylan has paid tribute to Switzerland’s most emblematic animal, the cow.

Originally, early watchmakers were no more than honest farmers who spent their long winter evenings making watch components. They were the first artisans in a long chain that led to the making of timepieces in the Jura, where Claude Meylan is still based.

This new timepiece truly pays tribute to this heritage. The cow, which takes up most of the dial, has a mischievous eye. On her hooves, a ladybug is playing in the wild grass of her meadow. As a backdrop, the Alps. A rural sketch, authentic, playful but no less technical. All the decoration is sculpted in relief, then painted in bright colours. Here, no reminder of an outdated sepia postcard: it is a modern and cheerful picturesque shot!

At 3 o’clock, a Swiss made automatic mechanical movement. It recalls this long history of the peasant-watchmaker, of which Claude Meylan himself was a part. Two centuries later, we find the same cogs, the same know-how, the same passion for beautiful mechanics.

May 11, 2023