Frédérique Constant celebrates its 35 years

Exactly 35 years ago, two bold young entrepreneurs took their first steps in watchmaking with a single aim in mind: making the fine workmanship of Swiss made watchmakers available to the general public at a fair price. Thus was born Frédérique Constant.

The original Geneva-based firm has since embarked on an impressive journey, becoming a fully-fledged Manufacture that is now international whilst remaining firmly attached to its Geneva roots. To celebrate this odyssey, Frédérique Constant is unveiling two new variations of its Highlife Worldtimer Manufacture.

The first of these Highlife Worldtimer Manufacture versions is an anniversary edition par excellence, comprising just 35 watches made of 18-carat rose gold – sure to delight collectors who now eagerly expect exceptional commemorative creations to appear from time to time in highly limited editions. The model’s highly contemporary, multifaceted case shows off the shimmering gleam of precious metal to the full; the Manufacture has further enhanced the resulting interplay of light by offsetting the brushed case with a polished bezel and crown.

For this edition, Frédérique Constant has chosen a dial in petroleum blue, a hue soft enough to reveal the shades engraved on its surface. The dial features luminous, gold-coloured appliqué hour-markers matching the three central hands indicating hours, minutes and seconds. The hands are carefully proportioned to give pride of place to the Worldtimer’s double disc; the external disc is marked with 24 cities denoting 24 time zones, while the second, internal disc displays the time in each reference city. Blue and white backgrounds enable the wearer to distinguish effortlessly between night and day.

The second, unlimited reference being unveiled sports the same features, with just three main exceptions. Firstly, the case is steel, suitable for more contemporary, urban wear. Secondly, the prevailing colour here is chocolate brown for the strap and worldtimer, coupled with a slightly lighter shade for the dial centre. Lastly, this variation comes with three straps rather than two.

March 09, 2023