Knights of the Round Table by Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis unveiled in one timepiece the pinnacle of its artistic collection combined with one of its signature complications.

The equalising round table is key to the world of King Arthur’s legend. Though this essential set-up is non-negotiable, creating a design born from this concentric requirement provided a challenge the watchmakers were not afraid to take on. Displaying true technical prowess, the monotourbillon emerges from the centre of the timepiece in a powerful demonstration of advanced mechanics. Becoming the shield against the gravitational force endangering the heroes and precision alike, the knights stand proudly around this iconic feat of engineering knowing they will tackle their common invisible enemy together. Just as the 12 knights take their duty to protect the realm seriously, the Maison’s quest for peak performance is realised by expanding the diameter of the balance wheel to increase stability and ensure the movement is less sensitive to gravity’s effects.

Defending horological mastery from the threat of gravity is no easy task for the hour-marked heroes cast in pink gold and crafted individually through micro-sculpture. Small enough to fit in a timepiece but mighty enough to represent the commitment, passion and boldness, each knight is just 6mm tall, created with his own personality and equipped with armour. Such an exceptional timepiece had to feature equally exceptional hands, fully integrated into the circular design. That is why two gold markers were chosen to indicate the position of the minutes and hours with perfectly centred rotating discs. What is more, translucent purple blocks carved from Murano glass appear to levitate around the monotourbillon while the double surfaced flange is carved from a single bock of the same material. Creating this effect involved playing with no less than eight layers of decor around the dial, a true feat considering the limited surface area. In keeping with the design, and to respect the position of the knight at 3 o’clock, the setting system is offset to a position at 2 o’clock. Push down on this function and a small red flag indicates that the timepiece has moved from winding to setting mode.

Available in a 45mm pink gold case sealed by a notched bezel, the timepiece, rewarded with the Poinçon de Genève, is paired with an embossed black calf-leather strap.

June 30, 2022