Witschi facilitates the full test of the watch

Witschi is introducing a new feature that makes testing watches even more user-friendly. It is now possible to connect the ChronoMaster Air to the ProofMaster CP via Bluetooth.

The precision measuring device detects 12 test positions, guaranteeing comprehensive measurement and analysis. The data can be read directly on a display, thus facilitating complete measurement of watch performance, whether in a retail outlet or a service centre.

The ChronoMaster Air operates via a USB port connected to the mains electricity supply, as well as autonomously for up to 20 hours with its built-in rechargeable battery and a wireless Bluetooth connection. It takes up very little room and fits easily into tight spaces.

The Proofmaster CP offers a number of advantages, such as the automatic sensor actuation and chamber closure to protect against scratching. It operates quietly and its software is intuitive to use.

Operating in perfect synchronisation, both devices allow for fast and reliable water-resistance testing, as well as measurement and analysis of rate deviation, beat error and amplitude in a small footprint.

September 09, 2021