Exclusive experience offered by Officine Panerai

On September 25th, Panerai successfully carried out the second of the three exclusive experiences conceived for VIP clients and revealed during the last SIHH in Geneva.

This time the experience backdrop was one of the most exclusive destinations: the heaven of French Polynesia where 15 Panerai heroes had the chance to enjoy a unique personalised experience with the brand ambassador and free-diving champion Guillaume Néry.

A perfect match between nature and adventure that reconfirmed the strong commitment of the Laboratorio di Idee to offer its clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience in celebration of the deep connection to the marine world that has been part of the Florentine brand’s history since its earliest days.

The experience was devised in partnership with free-diving champion Guillaume Néry, well recognised as one of the most influential figures in the marine world, an exceptional guide for the lucky owners of the new Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition who were lucky enough to dive in his company.

The adventure began on September 26th last. As the sun rose, the heroes underwent a training yoga session with Guillaume Néry who prepared them for their dive. The session not only taught the participants how to breathe more efficiently so as to make diving to such depths a safer experience, but also gave Guillaume Néry a special opportunity to talk about his impressive philosophy which goes beyond sport to encompass reflection, time control, knowing one’s own limits and a powerful connection with nature.

“The sea has always been a part of my life. Since childhood I was attracted by the unfamiliar, the unknown. There is no need to travel to the moon or into space to go to another world. The sea represents the origins of life itself. A place that is still new and yet to be discovered”. Néry declared.

In the days that followed, clients admired Guillaume Néry’s astonishing technical skill and diving expertise and under his guidance they enjoyed magnificent dives and unforgettable snorkels.

Yet that was far from the end of the experience. The heroes were also catapulted into the fascinating undersea world. The group was lucky enough to watch whales swimming in the crystalline Polynesian waters from small boats thereby setting the perfect crowning touch to their experience. They also enjoyed the very special privilege of interacting with elegant Manta rays and the most intriguing creatures such as lemon sharks which added a frisson of excitement to the overall experience.

At the core of the experience lies the idea of re-establishing a reasonable and more sustainable contact with the surrounding natural world and all the creatures that inhabit it, thereby emphasising one of the greatest priorities for the brand and its ambassadors: the importance of respecting Planet Earth and its spectacular creatures.

November 07, 2019