L'Epée at the conquest of the stars

Space exploration conjures up dreams of travel, adventure and discovery in all our minds. Space Module is the first space module of an entirely new kind, developed by L’Epée 1839 for the exploration of distant planets.

Its sensors can be used to capture data from new territories. Its three complementary weather instruments – a hygro-meter, a barometer and a thermometer – form the basis of the weather forecasts that support life and its development.

This mechanical weather station device was created by Martin Bolo, a promising young designer. He drew his inspiration from the tiered structure of lunar modules and the unmistakable shape of cylinder landing gear.

Measuring 25 centimetres in diameter and 21 centimetres high (in its most complete version), Space Module weighs 3.8 kilograms. Its nicely balanced stature means it can fit in almost anywhere... Issued in a 50-piece limited series, it is available in gold- or silver-plated versions.

June 13, 2019