Qualimatest acquires the Wheeltest-Vision

Now well-recognised on the market, the Wheeltest-Vision is a testing device developed and marketed by VOH (Vaucher Outillage Horloger), with Qualimatest having developed and produced the optical and software part of this product.

Since the beginning of April, Wheeltest-Vision has been part of Qualimatest’s QMTControl range. This reinforces the complementarity between the Wheeltest-Vision for the measurement of rotating watch wheels’ axial and radial beats, and the QMTProjector-100, for the dimensional measurement of turned parts and plates.

Marketing, development and customer support are now carried out by Qualimatest. The support of the equipment sold by VOH has also been taken over by the company based in Plan-les-Ouates.

Qualimatest has already planned some developments, in particular the release of version 4 of the software for Windows 10 compatibility, as well as a brand-new user interface.

May 16, 2019