Dior Grand Bal Couture

Grand stately balls and ballgowns were one of Christian Dior’s great passions. After growing up in the Normandy city of Granville, steeped in the carnival tradition, Christian Dior moved to Paris, where he frequented the artistic avant-garde of the time. He nurtured his creativity with the stimulating atmosphere that prevails in the most popular themed evenings.

In 2011, this passion gave rise to Dior’s Inverse Calibre, featuring a constantly moving oscillating weight that appears on the dial side instead of the back. The precious metal, stones, feathers and other delicate ornaments composing it are crafted with the same delicacy and meticulous care as an haute couture dress.

In 2019, a new “Created-to-measure” service for the Dior Grand Bal watch will be launched. It will now be possible to design your very own watch. Arranged in a prestigious multi-drawer cabinet, the various elements composing it will be revealed step by step.

The customer will be able to choose between a gold or steel case, a bezel set with round or baguette-cut diamonds, a dial in coloured lacquer, mother-of-pearl or various coloured stones, such as opal, veined turquoise, malachite and many others... As the star element of the Dior Grand Bal, the rotor will be customisable in its smallest details. Whether for a lattice-work, draped, feathered, sunburst pleated or ribbon motif, the gemsetting and colours may be selected from a broad range.

The case-back will also be customisable: engraved with a text or a constellation symbolising the owner’s zodiac sign.

From hands to strap or bracelet, a wealth of combinations, possibilities and associations will be available to create the Dior Grand Bal Couture.

To guide them in expressing their desires, future customers will be assigned a sales assistant and a designer from the Dior design studio. Once the choices are made, they will have to wait five months for the company’s watchmakers to craft this unique timepiece.

April 11, 2019