VOH is still innovating

VOH continues to innovate in the field of inspection and measurement of micro assemblies by expanding its range of dynamometric instruments. These innovations are based on proven mechatronic skills.

Our resulting outstanding technical expertise allows us to offer a range of unique devices that measure stresses and strain with respect to both force and torque. The combination of this expertise with attention to detail and the desire to develop intuitive and ever more versatile devices has led VOH to expand its Forcemetre range with a new XL version offering a wider operating range and working area.

Through its dedicated and configurable working modes, Forcemetre XL makes it easy to obtain the information wanted and to accurately measure the forces exerted in relation to displacements, whether of driven assemblies or flexible components. With two integrated force measurement ranges (0.3-50 N and 1-100 N) for a 25 mm working stroke in a working area that can be accurately adjusted, this new measuring device is a practical answer to market needs. The measuring accuracy offered by Forcemetre XL is of +/-3µm for displacements and +/-0.5% of the measuring range selected for the force. This level of accuracy is achieved by the inductive position sensor (Sylvac) and the strain gauge integrated to the device’s spindle.

The operating lever, equipped with an extremely sensitive gearless drive system, is electronically-assisted from time to time. This special, patent-protected feature provides the user with information on the progress of the operation through programmable tactile feedback on the force and/or displacement target values. The lever is also equipped with a programmable electronic brake that significantly reduces the impact of the human factor on the repeatability and precision of the operation.

Equipped with an enhanced version of the control software common to the entire Forcemetre range, the device has three measuring modes: the first mode provides immediate measurements that allow characterisation of components without prior programming, the second mode provides the option of working under configurable conditions and the third mode, called Delta Positioning, allows pressure to be applied to a driven component and measurement of the latter’s position before and after the force is applied, consequently quantifying the micro-displacements. Display of the measured values and the creation of the programs are done via a touch screen interface, also developed by VOH. The user can view the results in numerical or graphical form thanks to the system’s high-quality colour screen. All the working parameters are programmable and recordable, while test-related data can of course be exported in.csv format.

Forcemetre XL is a versatile measuring device whose applications range from laboratory testing to assembly operations or production control.

May 31, 2018