Mobix ball bearing by MPS

The Mobix ceramic ball bearing – enabling wheels, discs, rollers, setting wheels, cams and levers to be driven with minimum friction – developed by MPS Micro Precision Systems has revolutionised movement construction.

Often, the movement manufacturer faces the problem of designing a gear train with very small dimensions, using a minimal amount of energy. The solutions generally adopted (pivoting wheels, wheels on threaded supports) cannot at the same time satisfy the two criteria of small size and minim friction with an effective standard of performance. The Mobix ball bearing by MPS makes this possible. The compact dimensions of the smallest Mobix bearing (D 1.28 mm x H 0.50 mm) and the amply proven effectiveness of the ceramic ball bearing technology open up new horizons for time piece designers.

With Mobix, MPS creates a flexible concept. On the outer ring of a Mobix bearing, the engineer can add any other type of wheel, disk, roller, cam and lever. For example, a single type of Mobix bearing can drive a whole gear train comprising wheels of different dimensions and characteristics. According to the size of the Mobix bearings, MPS offers two methods of fixing: the first with a pivot integrated to the inner ring to be driven onto the bottom plate or bridge and the second using a screw in the inner ring centred on the bottom plate or bridge by a threaded support.

December 21, 2017