Imagine and assemble a timepiece yourself

When traditional watchmaking meets the maker spirit, you get Noclock: a new, crowdfunded, DIY timepiece that everybody can imagine and assemble by themselves.

Essentially, this creation is a basic 12-piece kit that lets anyone make their own timepiece in 12 steps. It is fully customizable: design your very own version according to your desires, skills and the tools at hand. And don’t forget to record and share your innovative creations online! A second optional kit lets you design and build a wristwatch in no time (no extra supplies required).

This new concept guarantees maximum customization for minimum effort. It gives you the satisfaction of a personalized design experience with all the freedom to dream up uses and hacks that the designers – let alone the watchmaking industry! – could never have imagined.

Fresh out of a watchmaker’s workshop and a fablab, each kit is primed to undergo unlimited transformations in the creative hands of a child, a handyman, a jeweller, or a maker, with tools ranging from coloured pencils and files to laser cutters and 3D printers. Noclock is not a brand and it is not protected by any restrictive intellectual property regime, and its documents are open-source.

October 19, 2017