Counterfeiting and piracy statistics

The purchase of counterfeit goods online also continues to be popular with Swiss consumers, a fact confirmed by Swiss custom’s statistics.

A total of 3,125 consignments of counterfeit goods intended for importation, including purchases by private parties over the internet, were seized at Swiss border crossings. This number is in line with the general trend observed in recent years. In one case out of two, the counterfeit goods seized concerned watches or jewellery, followed closely by handbags, travel bags and wallets. As to the country of origin of these goods, China is at the top.

On the other hand, the customs registered a sharp decline in counterfeit goods intercepted in tourist traffic last year: a total of 1,395 interventions in 2016 compared with 2,377 in 2015. The categories of goods most affected were bags and wallets (35.5%), followed by clothing and clothing accessories (32.3%), then watches and jewellery, glasses and other personal accessories (26.6%). Almost one third of goods seized from travellers originated from Turkey (30%), followed by the European Union (26%) and Kosovo (9%).

The decline in counterfeit goods intercepted in tourist traffic could be due to the success of Stop Piracy. The public awareness campaigns at Swiss airports prior to the summer vacation period seem to be bearing fruit. In addition, the posters in front of customs control are very clear: it is forbidden to import counterfeit brand name goods and designs into Switzerland, even if only for private use.

April 20, 2017