Hublot dresses the Classic Fusion up with tartan

Since 2014, two collections have been born from the partnership between Hublot, Italia Independent and Lapo Elkann. Although both of the previous collections were based on the legendary Big Bang Unico model, this time the magic of this wildly creative team was unleashed on the Classic Fusion model.

Named «the world’s best dressed man» on several occasions and one who has adopted tailor-made personalisation as his signature activity, Lapo Elkann, alongside Ricardo Guadalupe (Hublot CEO), presented the Classic Fusion Italia Independent in Milan at the end of February. The Italian couture house of Sartoria Rubinacci was called upon for this third creation born out of their association.

The Sartoria Rubinacci was not chosen at random: since 1932, three generations of Rubinacci have been at the reins of this institution of good taste and masculine refinement: Gennaro, the founding grandfather, Mariano, the father who now manages the house from Naples and, of course Luca, master of the store in Milan, and one of the most photographed men on the planet thanks to his unique style. Between them they have dressed everybody from the Duke of Kent to singer Bryan Ferry, not to mention of course the Agnelli family, of which Lapo Elkann is the worthy successor.

The House of Rubinacci holds the most beautiful collection of fabrics in its archives. It was here, in the more than 60,000 square metres of precious houndstooth, tweeds and other cloths that Hublot and Lapo Elkann found a collection of tartans - squared coloured wool weaves from the seventies - that they brought back to life by including them in the Classic Fusion as a chronograph. The dial and straps have therefore been made using these precious fabrics to offer this range of 45 mm timekeepers an end result that is the epitome of elegance. «La vera sprezzatura!»

March 09, 2017