Swiss made timepieces with an Italian style

Founded in 1997 in Florence (Italy), Anonimo has a long tradition of local watch making. A remarkable variety of models, materials, functions and patents flourish along the banks of the river Arno for the Italian market.

Supported by an additional team in 2009, the brand opens itself to the international market and the collections become more organized. Sold in 2013, Anonimo settles in Switzerland and redefines its structure before starting from a new base. Today this independent brand fully assumes its personality. Different entities and personalities have marked Anonimo, but the philosophy has remained the same: a watch should not be worn as a «brand status» but as the expression of the personality of the wearer.

Driven by the desire to bring back to life the Florentine watch industry after the sale and departure of Officine Panerai, Federico Massacesi, formerly of Ferragamo, leant on the craftsmanship of the Ambucchi workshop, casemakers since 1939, to found Anonimo. The two collaborators shared the same passion and the same creative sensibilities for refined Italian timepieces. Helped by Colonel Dr. Dino Zei, ex-Italian navy officer and former CEO of Panerai, the collaboration was not slow in bearing fruit, thanks to innovation and the technical expertise of each member. Real professional instruments, tailor-made and very sophisticated, are created and aimed at the Italian market. The brand develops nearly 45 models and deposits several patents, both on the technical construction and the decoration of the watches.

It is, for example, from this workshop that the first dive watch made from bronze is launched and several models are developed for the CNS (Cooperative Nazionale Sommazzatori), one of the world leaders in deep water diving. Composed of a case forged in the mass with typical Florentine know-how, the watches can withstand enormous pressure. In 2002, Dino agreed to develop a new, eponymous collection, with a more elegant and contemporary approach.

After several years of creativity, inventions and various partnerships with the world of sport, the management team changes but the headquarters remain in Florence. The objective is to make the brand known outside Italian borders and the first Anonimo watches start to be sold on the Japanese, American and German markets. In tribute to the local traditional know-how, the watches now bear the inscription «Casemakers in Florence since 1939» on the back and «Anonimo Firenze» on the dial.

Bought by a European investor, the company moves from Florence to Switzerland where its manufacture can meet the Swiss made criteria. A new brand development strategy is initiated with the restructuring of the teams, the development of the international distribution networks and an in-depth work on the collection where only two lines are maintained: Militare and Nautilo.

From now on, Anonimo combines perfectly Swiss precision with a sturdy sport-chic Italian style. The watches are distinguished by a neat and functional design, a clean dial where markers at 12, 4 and 8 o’clock are arranged in a triangle, a reminder of the capital A of Anonimo.

March 09, 2017