With Mike Horn on the Pole2Pole expedition

Mike Horn

A new chapter in the history of cooperation between the Swiss-South African explorer Mike Horn and Officine Panerai is about to open: the brand is partnering the Pole2Pole expedition, a two-year project for circumnavigation of the globe by land and sea crossing the two poles.

This announcement was made on the eve of Mike’s departure from Cape Town in South Africa with the South Pole as his destination. It confirms the long-term partnership existing between the adventurer and the firm based in Neuchâtel which has already sponsored several expeditions by the famous explorer: Arktos (2002-2004), North Pole Winter Expedition (2006) and Pangaea (2008-2012).

Pangaea is the name of the sailing vessel on board which Mike visited the four corners of the world during the expedition of the same name. He will once again have to sail the oceans on the maritime legs of this new voyage which will alternate with challenging land routes on a journey of discovery to the most unspoiled and isolated regions of our planet.

Pole2Pole is one of Mike Horn’s most important expeditions, the supreme embodiment of his values and philosophy, of all the lessons he has learned over past decades about leading a life in harmony with our planet. After the many expeditions led by him, he has acquired an unrivalled track record which has enabled him to build a philosophy founded on three fundamental pillars: adventure, the environment and sharing. Mike has set himself the mission of encouraging people to appreciate their own adventures without any restriction and without fear of the unknown, to understand the laws which govern our planet and to make the imperative need of protecting this extraordinary environment universally known at a time when the omnipresent dangers that threaten nature have taken on an extreme scale.

The partnership between Mike Horn and Officine Panerai is built on these shared values, on an identical passion for the oceans and on an awareness that the defence of our planet is vitally important. As a companion on Mike’s journey, the brand has specially created an instrument which will accompany him under the most difficult conditions while maintaining maximum dependability: the new Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio (PAM00719). It is fitted with a black rubber strap and a trapezoidal buckle in brushed titanium. This watch has been tested to survive in any kind of environment that Mike is liable to encounter in the course of his expedition.

December 14, 2016