Acquisition and new group for Qualimatest

Qualimatest has established the QMT Group and acquired the French firm Saphir.

The firm based in Plan-les-Ouates, a leader in optical quality-control solutions for 25 years, announced simultaneously on 18 November this year the creation of the QMT group and the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Saphir.

This French company is an expert in test benches and on-board systems for dynamic signal digital-processing applications. The combined additional know-how of the two companies will allow the development of a wide range of products and services. The group is therefore positioned as a leader in solutions, expertise and processing of signals and images for quality testing, measurement and control in Switzerland and France, and will have a wider customer base as a result.

Formation of the QMT Group and the acquisition of Saphir is part of the growth strategy of Qualimatest and will intensify its dynamic of innovation, based on shared technology marked by the common values of ingenuity and reliability. In addition, the new group has announced that the identity, teams and infrastructures of Plan-les-Ouates (Switzerland) and Barraux (France) will be retained.

December 04, 2014