New Boss Of The Swiss Watch Industry Information Centre In Hong Kong

Mr Charles Dubois, head of the Swiss Watch Industry Information Centre in Hong Kong since 1974, has signified his wish to retire from this position. His son, Thierry, is to replace him on 1 May 2001.

For the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry and its members, an important page will be turned on 1 May next. Mr Charles Dubois has submitted his resignation from his duties as Head of the Swiss Watch Industry Information Centre in Hong Kong for age reasons. He wishes to reduce his workload in order to focus all his efforts in future on the fight against counterfeiting through his Selective Ltd. Company.

Mr Charles Dubois has devoted his entire career to the Swiss watch industry. Born on 23 September 1939, married and father of three children, he began his professional career at the Electronic Watchmaking Centre in Neuchatel from 1964 to 1968. He then joined the FH on 1 January 1969 where he was first in charge of the Lagos Centre (Nigeria). From 1972 to 1973, he created and developed the centre in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) before taking charge of the information and technical centre in Beirut (1973-74). On 9 October 1974, he took over management of the Swiss Watch Industry Information Centre in Hong Kong.

Mr Charles Dubois has therefore worked for over 32 years in the service of the FH and its members. A long innings during which his dedication and competencies enabled the interests of our branch to be defended and promoted, more particularly on the important Hong Kong market. He is therefore able to retire with pride in a mission accomplished.

From 1 May 2001, the Swiss Watch Industry Information Centre in Hong Kong will be headed by Mr Thierry Dubois (see photo), a choice which the FH Board approved at its meeting of 22 February last. Born on 15 March 1969, Mr Thierry Dubois is married to a Hong Kong citizen and father of a little boy. He has lived in Hong Kong for over 25 years and is perfectly integrated into local society. He has been familiar with the watchmaking industry for many years. He has already organized several promotional events for the Swiss watchmaking industry through the Promo Services company: exhibitions in China, Thailand and India, publication of guides and diaries. Since last year, he has been director of FH Promotion Ltd within which he is pursuing this promotional activity. In particular, he has set up a club of watch collectors in Hong Kong.

Over the years, Mr Thierry Dubois has proved his close integration into the watchmaking circles of the former British Crown Colony and has demonstrated his ability to meet the expectations of Swiss watch companies. In future, he will be employed full time by FH to head up the centre and organize promotional actions for the benefit of the Association’s members. We wish him every success in his new duties and have no doubt that Swiss watchmakers will accord him the same trust as they placed in his father.

Through this appointment, the FH is showing the importance it accords to its presence in Hong Kong, which is a vital platform for the Swiss watchmaking industry.

March 14, 2001