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Revue FH は、当協会が隔週発行する時計業界誌です。FHの仕事や活動、ブランドや新製品に関する最新ニュース、さらに時計業界に関連する幅広いテーマを取り上げた多くの記事を掲載。すべての記事はフランス語と英語で発行されます。

In the 04/2023 edition of 02.03.2023:

Blancpain: the Fifty Fathoms turns 70

In 1953, Blancpain introduced the first modern diver's watch, the Fifty Fathoms. In 2003, when the model was still dormant, Blancpain brought it back to life and ushered it into a new era. Seven decades after its birth, it is inaugurating a year of celebrations and presenting an exclusive timepiece.

Richard Mille the RM 66 Flying Tourbillon

Often considered a rebel in the world of watchmaking, the brand asserts its fiercely innovative attitude with the RM 66 Flying Tourbillon, which proudly flaunts the sign of horns, the emblematic gesture of an entire generation. Ready to take the road to freedom, this limited edition will withstand the most frenzied cadence.

The CAAJ relocates to the Forum de l'Arc

The Centre d'apprentissage de l'Arc jurassien is writing a new page in the industrial history of Moutier by moving to the heart of the Forum de l'Arc, in the former Tornos training centre. This move coincides with the tenth anniversary of this institution, which has already trained more than 120 students.