Fraud ! A new hobby of yours ?

Don't buy Swiss replica watches !

 Sanctions for buying fake watches
Taking part in the replica watch market could lead to serious sanctions depending on your country's legislation :

Criminal sanctions :
  • monetary penalty up to 1'000'000 US $
  • up to 5 years imprisonment
Customs sanctions :
  • important fines, seizure and destruction of illegal items
Civil sanctions :
  • damages could be claimed by IP rights holders

 Risks for buying replica watches
Moreover, when you order a fake watch, criminals behind the website have access to your personal details, including your :
  • name
  • address
  • credit card details
This information could be collected for criminal purposes (identity theft, credit card abuse).

The following personal information can be taken from you when surfing :

IP adress3.238.117.130
CountryUnited States

Buying counterfeits is also :

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